Being a mystic and at the age of an elder and wise one,

Lady Casha has a vast reservoir of experience,

both from her own life and from working with others.


Combined with the tools, methods and systems she has acquired along the way,

she is a unique, powerful and transformational resource for those that resonate with her energy and are drawn to her work. 


Constantly fine tuning her gifts and deepening and developing her skills she is available to be of maximum service and help.
As a spiritual mentor and guide she can provide tools for spiritual growth and manifestation for those that wish and are ready.

Lady Casha has clients from all parts of the world and all walks of life and if you feel so called 

you are most welcome to connect

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After a life of an early and successful career in the film industry followed by years of personal challenges and a search for wholeness, Lady Casha had a series of mystical experiences in the mid 90’s. Those profound and life altering experiences put her on a path of practicing the Presence in her daily life and working with others helping them find the same inner peace by connecting with their true self/soul and the Divine within.


Lady Casha is a professional esoteric numerologist since 2001. In 2008 she connected on a deeper level with her psychic abilities and a few years later her gift for healing came to surface. She is predominantly intuitive, claircognizant and clairsentient and has years of experience with the Tarot, regularly offering her professional services as a reader since 2014. She is also a serious student of metaphysics, inlcuding different forms of astrology, the Cards of Truth and Human Design and she incorporates her understanding of these systems into her client work. She is a certified practitioner of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) – a method of identifying and removing blocks and interferences – which she uses in combination with her own energy tools to facilitate healing. 


Besides her metaphysical work, Lady Casha is a writer and an artist. 


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