you are not here on the planet by coincidence.


Numerology is an ancient metaphysical art and science that provides a blueprint of your soul

to reveal the deeper meaning and purpose of your existence, your talents, gifts, challenges

and the different cycles and time periods of your life, so that you can align with your path and destiny.


Energy readings can provide psychic and mystical guidance for the soul


The numbers 1 through 9 stands for universal principles and can, for the individual, be expressed as characteristics, abilities and events. By knowing and understanding your numbers you will have a way of understanding the energies at work in your life. What you do with them is to a greater or lesser degree a matter of free will and even though some things are fated, there is always room to become more conscious and aware to manifest your highest possible good.


Many cultures, such as Mayans, Egyptians, Hebrews, Greek and early Christians have all used systems of numbers to understand more clearly and deeply themselves, the world and the universe.


The numerology Lady Casha practices has its roots with Pythagoras, a Greek mystic and a philosopher born in the late 500 BC, who after studies with different mystery teachings started his own mystery school where he taught arithmetic, music, astronomy and geometry as the basis of his own teachings. Pythagoras discovered the mystical significance of numbers and believed that everything could be expressed as such.


Modern western numerology’s origin is credited a United States music teacher who in the early 2000th century discovered that the letter name of a musical note and the sound it produces has the same vibration. Among her students were Dr Julia Seaton and her daughter Dr Juno Jordan, two pioneers who for some 25 years ran an institute for numerological research in California. Lady Casha’s teacher and mentor, who has chosen to remain anonymous, learnt numerology directly from these two ladies.


Lady Casha has been a professional numerologist since 2001.

She provides unique, in depth, thorough and extensive numerology readings that has

the potential to change and transform your life if you are ready.



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