separate aspects of the very same soul


It is a relatively rare phenomenon and a special circumstance that some souls find themselves in.



The last decade or maybe two, the twin flame concept has become increasingly popular and the reason for this is that the twin souls are here on the planet to an extent they have never been before and their purposes is to help create new templates for relationships on Earth.


More and more people are tapping into this, finding their spiritually founded romantic counterparts and soul connections, which is the purpose, but that does not mean that all of these relationships are actual twin soul relationships,
only that they, to a higher or lesser degree, are resembling them.


There is a romanticizing about this extraordinary love, and no wonder, as there is no love like it, but being an actual twin soul is seldom a completely pleasant experience, until you understand and know how to work with it.


After the first initial recognition of the other where the souls come forward to meet and become aware of each other, the egos usually step in, trying to take over and prevent the union from happening in the physical.


This can be the beginning of a lot of both drama and even trauma which leads to desillusion and giving up. But there is a way forward and out and it is a mystical journey that cannot be mapped or even foreseen.


There is one general guideline that pertains to most if not all twin souls, and that is that the best and perhaps the only way to ultimately manifest a real twin flame union – and similar connections – in this physical reality, is to first and foremost manifest your own soul, have it come forward and let it lead your life.


Ultimately there should be no separation between you and your soul, and this will happen as your energy shifts and you understand that you ARE your soul – not the ego personality that you have been conditioned to identify with and have used to function in the world.


There are rewards for that in itself, beyond what we can imagine before we start out.  


If you believe that you are twin soul or are having a similar connection, Lady Casha has the experience

to help you understand and come to terms with what this means for you and how to work and live with it. 



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