Here are the impressions of some of the people that Lady Casha has had the pleasure to work with


“I remember you saying there would be challenges at my job and at the time, I did not see what you could be saying. Now, I’m going through some stuff at my job and I remain in awe of the precision and depth of your readings. I kindly ask that you keep sending peace and blessings my way; words cannot fully express my immense gratitude for all that you are” 



“I first learned about Lady Casha as I listened to the knowledge she imparted to the Lada Ducheva youtube (astrolada) community. Within the past 14 months, I’ve had about three sessions with Lady Casha, and they become more profound. Lady Casha deeply delves into your spirit and draws out the beauty within. Even if she sees something concerning, her words are mindful, and she helps you navigate to what is ahead. I have been amazed by her accuracy in predicting certain events or personalities I’m around, giving insight into how to deal with those individuals and upcoming circumstances. In the end, she guides with love and compassion. Leaving no stone unturned but providing what may lie ahead and always letting you know that you have free will, there are multiple paths to take. I enjoy speaking to her, look forward to what is ahead, and know how to handle challenges. If I could, I’d talk to Lady Casha every week. I appreciate her for sharing her gift with us.” 



“I just want to thank you for the words you gave me after our session. I have said them every morning since you emailed them to me last Fall. I am in a complete different place than I was when we first spoke. I so appreciate your help in getting me there. Thanks for giving me a step in the right direction. I will carry your lesson with me through all my days.” 

Aida (USA)


“The reading I had with Lady Casha felt like true soul counseling. Sometimes you go for a reading and you have questions coming from the ego self, but Lady Casha gave me the reading that my soul needed to hear, which is what gives the real value and internal peace in the end. She went above and beyond to answer all of my questions in depth, and to accommodate some specific requests I had. She gave me the bigger picture, as well as practical advice on how to move forward right now, which I plan to implement. I am very pleased with this experience and I just want to say a big thank you.” 



“August 2, 2022 you made a psychic prediction for my year ahead and everything has manifested, everything turned out the way you said. I have also consulted you priorly and also then you have been very accurate with the predictions. I am very grateful and will happily consult with you again. 

Grete, Sweden


“I had a 1 hour session with Lady Casha and I can’t recommend her enough. She has a way of making you feel at ease, the conversation flowed naturally between her general intuitive messages and providing guidance to my specific questions. We touched primarily on my soul’s life journey as well as near term future, what to expect in the next 12 months for career and love. She also recommended healing techniques that could be beneficial for me and ended the call with suggested affirmations based on our conversation that I should put into practice. I’m so glad I connected with her and look forward to a follow up check in session!” 



“I want to say a big thank you to Lady Casha for her invaluable insight into my life path and for her gentle and compassionate energy. I don’t usually consult psychics, but something felt profoundly right about getting in touch with her. I got this reading in a very pivotal time of my life and not only was she spot on, but I got so many confirmations about who I am and what I’m here to do. I think her guidance helped me to get past my doubts and fears and fully embrace my journey. I feel like a different person. I highly recommend her services to anyone who feels lost on their life path” 



“I had a session with Lady Casha yesterday. Wow! Like many people, I have been going through an amazing spiritual transformation that has been particularly intense over the last couple of years. I have felt that I am in a very profound stage like just before a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly and needed a certain type of insight. I came across Lady Casha on one of Astrolada’s YouTube videos and was immediately drawn to her. She was spot on about what has been going on lately and my whole life path!” 



“Lady Casha has a rare gift of tuning in to what is going on behind the scenes of your life. She doesn’t hesitate to tell you what she sees even if it is quite a radical change. In my case, she suggested that I was in the end phase of living in the country where I had resided for several decades. She planted this little seed in my mind that soon became a full-blown transatlantic move which feels like I have moved from darkness into Light. Her words gave me the necessary courage to take a dream and a vision and make it real. Once I set out to create this new life for myself everything fell into place in the most magical way. Now it will be my job to fend off or transmute the doubt and fear that still arises from the ego level and trust the Divine guidance that is with me at all times. Lady Casha has definitely joined the ranks as one of my trusted teachers and mentors. I am very grateful.” 

Maria (Spain)


“I was panicking about my lease, not knowing if I was going to get it renewed or not. So, in a moment of despair I talked to Lady Casha about it. She said: “Hm, I’m not so sure you’ll actually continue living in that apartment. I see you in a place you’d never imagine you could afford. But I wouldn’t worry about it. You will be able to afford it.” And that’s exactly what happened! I have moved into my dream house and on top of that I could actually pay for it! Thank you Lady Casha for your amazingly pure sight and wise words. What might have seemed a bit vague in the moment, in hindsight turned out to be crystal clear!” 

Rebecka (Mexico)


“Lady Casha has on several occasion given me and those closest to me an invaluable and much needed nudge in the right direction. I am always warmly greeted and at the same time given new perspectives on life, explained to me in a clear way, giving me hope and confidence. Lady Casha is always inviting, confidence-inspiring and good at explaining complex contexts and I perceive her as very experienced and competent. In short, she is a fantastic reliable guide when the compass needs a new direction.” 

Anna (Sweden)


“I had the most beautiful reading with Lady Casha. Having explored a small handful of psychics, astrologers etc., I was really blown away with the numerology reading. It’s the first time I have sat through a reading and have everything resonate and feel truly seen. Although Lady Casha had informed me in advance it was in-depth, I STILL hadn’t anticipated such an extensive reading. The amount of time and care invested was incredible, and that alone I am truly appreciative of. The best part of it all (and there’s a lot I could write about!) is the empowerment I walked away with. Not only did Lady Casha guide me, prepare, and equip me with tools that my soul truly needs, she also fueled me with self-belief, that my life is truly what I make of it, and these are my strengths to align myself on my path. She is so open, ethical, sincere, and wise. You really feel you are in safe hands and walk away fully trusting yourself, the reading, and your direction. Thank you so much!”  

Sara (UK)


“I have listened to the recording several times since our reading. I am moved every time and I feel like for the first time in my life someone is talking to my soul. The feeling is wonderful and warm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Such soothing energy from you. You have given me a lot of consolation and clarity.” 

EJ (Slovenia)


“Lady Casha is insightful, patient, and warm. She helped me gain clarity about what choices lay ahead. She also helped me feel very empowered, showing me how I could change the outcome if I worked on myself and was very insightful about what I needed to change with a lot of detail. I would highly recommend her. 

RP (Canada)


“I keep re-listening to my numerology and still find validation and some new detail and new thoughts every time 😊

Johan, product developer (Sweden)


“I discovered SRT healing with Lady Casha and it did change my life in such a positive way. I recommend her to anyone seeking to find abundance and wanting a change in life. Lady Casha helped me to find a better me, a true, clear self.”

Aude, health advisor (France)


“I have been talking with you a few times on the tarot site and you have helped me clear the muddled energies regarding the men in my life and you have given me affirmations. You are very good, things are so much better between me and my ex whom I have had a hard time letting go of. He even felt that he got some kind of healing, and he is a very sceptical guy. Also the man I had a short romance with, a satisfying closure was made after taking your advice. And with the man I feel is my soul mate everything feels like it is going well after you cleared. Many men in a short amount of time. 😅😂  It feels like I have “raised my vibes” again, after a short set back with the ex. 😁  You have helped me finding myself. Thank you. Hugs! ❤”

Ann-Sofie (Sweden)


“Thank you for a very nice session. I really do believe you got to something really important, I am incredibly grateful!”

Sofia (Sweden)


“Wow. I have really had some positive effects the last few days! So much has been cleared. I am so grateful!!!”

Maya, student (Sweden)


“Lady Casha has been enormously supportive of me since a few years and being there for me in my twin flame journey. Warm and positive in her work she has helped me understand my mission in a good way and been a mentor through out. I recommend her strongly and the knowledge that she has. Do not hesitate to contact Lady Casha, she is very good.” 

Marie, assistant nurse (Sweden)


“I did not imagine how much I would get out of a numerology consultation!!! Clarity, understanding and sense of trust. Lady Casha is incredibly spot on, clear, humble, wise and she really takes her time to explain. If you want help to gain clarity regarding who you are and about your journey in life, I can tell you: do not hesitate one second to contact Lady Casha for a consultation. It is well invested money as she does an incredibly thorough and accurate jobb, giving you tools and a map for life!!! I feel very grateful! 🙏❤️  “

Linda (Sweden)


“I am so happy I found Lady Casha! Here you have a wise and thorough woman with a lot of love to give to the world. I have been able to use her as a tool on my soul’s journey and she has cleansed, cleared and protected. She has seen my innermost struggles and helped me forward. I can see that the process has been much quicker than if I had had to do it on my own since Lady Casha has the ability to clear that which does not belong to my soul. I have also been given practical tools to keep working with, which are making a big difference in my every day life. I can strongly recommend her.💜  “

Kajsa, CEO (Sweden)


“Lady Casha has saved me from taking wrong turns… and she has cleared and explained that which I feel but cannot understand… I am a seeker, like many of us… she has in a humble way showed me a lot… I will for ever be grateful… and continue working in a way I need to move forward… I hope I can communicate this to EVERYBODY who wants to feel good… unbeatable and SPLENDID ❤️❤️✨💫🤩✨💫 Namaste 🙏🏻🙏🏻  from Anita. PS. This lasts over time. Begin with the numerology. ❤️❤️  And in addition: I want to share an aha-moment… life wisdom on a high level…. I got help from Lady Casha that is for life… I have been living with bad energy for 63 years that I got help getting rid of today 🙏🏻🙏🏻💜❤️✨💫 DS.”

Anita, hair dresser (Sweden)


“I called you last Fall regarding my living situation. You were right. The mansion is sold and I have moved into an apartment in a small village – above the apartment where my hubby lived when we first met. It is coming full circle and I have come home.

Ann (Sweden)


“This woman is incredibly spot on!! She did a numerology for me last year and it has been fantastically accurate and I have made great use of it in regards to how to deal with my job, my relationships, love – just about everything. I can really recommend it, it is worth every penny and then some – a huge amount of information from a very nice, humble and wise woman.

Yvonne, nordic medicine woman (Sweden)


“Wow! Thank you for a well done job with the tarot prediction! What a connection you have. It is really spot on and extremely to the point regarding my own thoughts about everything. I am in the middle of a great healing and reprogramming of myself when it comes to patterning and conditioning. You confirmed that I was on the right path, and at the same time that I have a big job ahead of me regarding myself and directing my thoughts in a more accurate direction. I have now gained hope and additional tools to make it real!

Anncarin, multi-tasker (Sweden)


“What a great investment I made when I ordered the numerology consultation! I constantly make an effort of facing myself from all angles to see and collect all parts of me, to rehabilitate myself one could say. Now I am working towards creating a stable foundation and developing my spirituality, so I will most probably want more guidance from you in the future. The yearly tarot prediction caught my interest. Thank you for a great job, it was no coincidence that I choose you.

Jenny, care assistant & student (Sweden)


“Lady Casha’s numerology reading and her way of communicating what the numbers mean made me confident to take steps forward in my relationship. I have been living in fear of not being able to be a good mother and found many reasons to not stay with my partner. After the numerology I dared get closer to him and today we have an open, intimate and at the same time exciting and challenging relationship… and we are expecting a baby. To me the numerology provided explanations as to why I was behaving in certain ways and a deep trust in life. I also found a complementing name I feel adds to and balances my own. Thank you!

Tanja, dancer (Norway)


“I have had a numerological session with Lady Casha on two occasions with 8-10 years in between. Both times were very informative but especially the second time, as I could see how the numbers had been working in my life. Lady Casha is very straight forward, clear and professional in her work. She is open and receptive and happy to explain until you understand. As someone who has had both my astrology and numerology done I feel that the two different systems complement each other very well. I highly recommend a reading. It is a great boost for your inner being.

Åsa, changemaker (Sweden)


“Lady Casha is an exceptionally gifted reader. Her tarot reading for me was spot on and resonated on every level! She is accurate, professional, and tuned in. She provided me with the insight and guidance that I so desperately needed to hear in that moment. Her reading brought tears to my eyes because I knew in my heart it was the truth. She was able to relay information directly from my soul, to help me on my path forward. Lady Casha is very thorough and approaches her work with the utmost of integrity. I know when I come to her, I am reaching out to someone I can trust. Highly recommend!!”

Rachel, home maker & mother of two (USA)


The general tarot reading was spot on in identifying what energies are surrounding me in the present and ways to deal with them in order to move along on my life journey. It is highly recommended. The numerology reading was very insightful into what energies govern my life path, what cycles I am in – I feel more clarity in knowing how to approach life situations and what areas need to be addressed and balanced.  The knowledge received from the reading is a highly valuable tool and is worth every penny.

Maya, yoga teacher (Canada)


“Thank you for doing my numerology. I am super pleased. It was the best and most comprehensive consultation I have ever had. It gave me a sense of clarity and direction and helped me in my healing process. Thank you for your wonderful soul report!”

Mona, artist (USA)


“The numerology session with Lady Casha was a a very positive and rewarding experience that both confirmed what I already knew and gave me new insights into my life and my path. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to boost themselves and get positive energy or is feeling lost and confused – and everybody in between.” 

Mats, medical doctor (Sweden)


“After Lady Casha did my numerology in 2009 I discovered silver smithing – something she had mentioned during the session. It had never crossed my mind before then but a year later I begun a basic education in silver smithing – and from then I went on: today I am a student at the University of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm. During the numerology session Lady Casha confirmed talents and traits I had making me feel calm and confident to do something I would never otherwise had thought of.”

Maria, art student (Sweden)


“I recently had a numerology session with Lady Casha and I must say it was very interesting. I have done similar things before, but she delivers a highly unusual quality  and depth when going through the numbers. She speaks not inly about the basics (as others do), she also gives you specific details regarding your behavior and how the numerological vibrations affect your every day life and your decisions (for better or worse). I am also happy that I had the session recorded and sent to me. Every time I  listen to it I again appreciate her in depth explanations and how willing she is to give more examples of what she sees in the numbers until I really get what she means. If you want clarity and know who you are and your path in life, let Lady Casha reveal to you what your numerology can tell you about yourself. 

Rose, writer (USA)